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Click on Sales reports and then from the pop-up menu select Sales. You will reach the page with sales overviews from all cash registers. By default the sales are divided by days. Each item is marked to show whether it was recorded in the EET mode or not.


By selecting from the pop-up menu Cash register 01 you limit the overview to a particular cash register. Clicking on the field 03 sets the time period for the overview.

Click on the buttons in 02 to select whether the overview is to be generated for individual days, weeks, months or years.

You can select the number of records per page by clicking on the pull-down menu 04. To go to the next page, click on the number in the page footing or use the symbols « » to go to the first or last page.

The field 05 is used to search for a tax document or a record on the page. Every report can be saved by the buttons 06 in Excel or .csv/.pdf format. However, you have to subscribe to notifications from Dotypos Cloud prior to exporting data from the cash register to these formats. The instructions for this can be found in this chapter.

In the page header and footer, you can find links to go to the next pages 04. The symbols « » will take you to the first or last page. If there is data available for the selected period, the time scope of displayed data instead of page numbers will be shown. By going forward or backward you are traveling in time, so the displayed data always corresponds with the interval shown:




The sales overview can also be displayed directly in the cash register in the Sales overview.


How does Dotypos calculate profit?

If 10 of a product are stocked in at a purchase price of CZK 10 and another 5 of the same product at CZK 5, the purchase price for this product is calculated with the formula below:

total warehouse value (CZK 125) / total amount in warehouse (15) = CZK 8.333

So CZK 8.333 is the average purchase price for one product. The cash register then calculates the profit as the sum of these average purchase prices minus sales:

Sales price - Average purchase price = Profit


Indicating fiscalization status

After selecting sales for a specific day (for sales) or directly on the main screen (for drawn documents), you will see whether these sales have been recorded with Financial Administration next to the tax document number:

No EET mark: original mode without EET 01

eet3 In green: The document was sent to the Financial Administration (everything in order) 02

Crossed out eet2 In black: The document was issued with no record sent to the Financial Administration (desired by crew) 03

eet1 In black: The document was not sent to the Financial Administration (there was an error while sending the document such as a temporarily unavailable Internet connection) 04

clip0639 - The document was issued by proxy.