Adjusting a saved product

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Adjusting a saved product

You can also manage the products in Dotypos Cloud. If you open a previously saved product again in the cash register, the individual product preferences will be divided into 6 items:




Enter the product name to be displayed on cash registers


Select the category to which the product will belong.

Show as box

Disabling this option causes the product not to be displayed on cash registers. It will not be displayed on the product overview main screen. This is useful, for instance when you need to hide the product temporarily and later sell it again.


Mark products with text tags. You can enter several tags for one product.

Fast notes (variants)

This field lets you write possible product options (e.g. medium steak). At payment, choose the option and the text will be printed on the receipt.

Fast note

A note is used to add product information (e.g. allergens). This note is printed on the receipt.

Complete note

Detailed product description e.g. for managers. This description is neither printed on the receipt nor displayed to the crew.

Packaging and unit

Quantity of product in the sold packaging Click on Pieces to change the packaging unit.

Stock out of the warehouse

Disabling this option causes the product not to be stocked out in the warehouse. You can also choose whether you want to sell goods even if they are not in stock, or just display the notification.

Manufactured item

This option indicates a product manufactured in the establishment. The item marked this way is not an ingredient during sale, just during manufacturing. You can create items easily in the Warehouse application.

Joint sale

Function used for selling products together with returnables. You can find more information in this chapter.

Bar codes

Enter the EAN and PLU codes in these fields.

Do not “fiscalize”

When this option is on, the product will not be permanently fiscalized (recorded) under the Act on ERS. You can find the same option in category preferences.

Sale by proxy

If you want the product to be sent to the Financial Administration (recorded) for a subject other than the one set in the ERS settings, check the option Sell by proxy and in the list select the subject from Management of ERS subjects added in advance. When drawing the order, a notice will be displayed in the settlement dialog that the document for the selected product will be drawn by proxy. You will also see the a figure icon on the product tile, symbolizing sale by proxy.

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Item Price

Unite price / Packaging price

Select whether the final product price will be for the set packaging or for pieces sold. Applicable when you need to record the sale item in liters, but the sale packaging is e.g. 0.3l. Just set the packaging and units as 0.3 liters and then select the price per packaging as 15 CZK. So before entering the price you do not have to recalculate the amount to the value 50 CZK corresponding to one liter of the beverage sold.

Price excluding VAT

Product price excluding VAT. This option is not visible when the option I am not a VAT payer is activated. A customer that is not a VAT payer has only one final sales price, no matter the VAT rate.

VAT rate

Select the VAT rate to be charged.

Price including VAT

The price including VAT will be automatically calculated from the entered price excluding and including VAT

Sales promotion (discount)

When this option is active, you can enter the current discount off the regular price in this field (in front of the % sign) to be accepted during the promotional event.

Do not apply batch discounts

When this option is active, no discount off the whole order will ever be applied to this product.

Require an entered price

Enabling this option requires the price to be always entered when selling a product. Once the product is added to the order, a dialog window with PRICE and a numeric keyboard will be displayed. This option is useful for the direct sales of goods where you do not want a unique final price to be set.

Require an entered quantity

Enabling this option requires the quantity to be always entered when selling a product. Once the product is added to the order, a dialog window with the QUANTITY and a numeric keyboard will be displayed. This option is useful for the direct sales of weighted goods (in bakeries, butcher shops and similar shops).

Calculate time based value

When the product is charged based on time, Dotypos will automatically calculate the price based on the time and the set units while the order is parked. This is used, for example, to sell services.

Bonus points

Enter the number of points to be added to the customer account after a sale.


Price Plan

Here you can see all of the prices set up for the product. You can set promotional event prices in Dotypos Cloud. To see how to set temporary sales prices, take a look at this chapter.


» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

Warehouses shows all the warehouses from where the product is actually drawn. Click on Transaction history to go to the product in the Warehouse application and show the warehouse operations.


» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

This lets you define the stocking out of ingredients for the product being adjusted. For more information please see the chapter Ingredients.

Item Servings

The item Servings displays an overview of all created servings including the default common serving. The servings you mark there will be available in the charged product preferences during a sale, so you will be able to select the specific serving to be charged.