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Every time you are closing the cash register , the printer for orders can print a sales overview for the specific shift, the so-called Z-report. To print the Z-report, in the settings of the corresponding printing task activate the option Automatic printing of closings. All the data in the Z-report relates to the operations performed while the cash register is open until it is closed.

The Z-report is identical to the data you find in the Sales overview. You can also print the Z-report or email it anytime from there. If you want the Z-report to be sent automatically by email after closing the cash register, go to the Application settings and set this option in the item Email Summary Reports.


Which items can I find in the printed Z-report?

You can define the items in the Z-report. In the Application settings go to the menu Print and adjust the corresponding printing task - enable items to be specified in the Z-report. An example of the Z-report is shown below.



Register opening

The amount the crew enters when opening the cash register. This value is the total cash in the register when it is opened. The date and time when the cash register is opened are stated here.

Register closure

The amount the crew enters when closing the cash register. This value is the total cash in the register when it is closed. The date and time when the cash register is closed is stated here.


The difference between the cash in the register and the cash entered by the crew when the register is closed. The calculation of the shortage reflects different cash in/cash out operations.


Number of all issued cash vouchers


Sum and number of sales sorted by payment methods (cash, debit/credit card, luncheon vouchers etc.)


Overview and sum of unpaid or canceled documents

VAT breakdown

Breakdown of total amounts by different VAT rates


Overview and total of discounts granted

Cash register
cash in/cash out

One-time cash in or cash out overview


Sum of open and unsettled orders with the number of individual documents


Sold items displayed by categories and products


Profit calculated from the difference between purchase and sales prices:

In order for the profit to be relevant information, the purchase prices of all products have to be filled out correctly.

(Example: When a barrel of beer is purchased for CZK 1000, then one beer costs CZK 10 so the correct purchase price of a half liter of beer will be CZK 10)