Charged product preferences

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Charged product preferences

You can display the product preferences in an open order by clicking on the pencil icon 01 next to the charged item. It opens a dialog with several items where you can adjust product preferences temporarily just for this specific order.

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The dialog contains the following:

Quantity - Specify here the amount sold regardless of the quantity set for the product in Item management.
If you selected something other than the common serving, the quantity cannot be entered (see the last list Servings).

Note - You can assign your own text information to the product that will be printed on the receipt. This note also identifies a parked order.

Name - If you sell used goods (i.e. product is marked with the tag -used), you can give the product a specific name when charging. Otherwise, the item with the name is not displayed.

Discount - Set the appropriate actual discount. The discount you set is valid only for this order. In the preferences for each product, you can define whether you want to apply the discount to it or not.

Price - The product price you adjust is valid only for this order.

Servings - Choose from the defined servings for this product. The selected serving will be displayed with the sold product.



If you enable Use tares during weighing in the application settings, you can use Quantity to set up your own tares to be deducted from the weight. You can find more information in this chapter.