Cash stocktake report

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Cash stocktake report

icon_vycetkaWhen the cash register is opened or closed you can display the cash stocktake report and enter the actual amount of money in the cash register. Dotypos then analyzes this information and displays the total cash in the register.


How do I set the cash stocktake report?


First, you have to enable the Require slip in the advanced Dotypos settings found in POS settings. Here you can also specify the value of coins and notes to be included in the cash stocktake report. State the banknote or coin name and value for each one.




Now the cash stocktake report will display a list of coins and notes every time the cash register is opened or closed. In the assigned field, 01 for each value enter the actual quantity present in the cash register. In the field 02 the total sum of the entered notes and coins appears.




The cash stocktake report also helps you record luncheon vouchers. Just set the different values of luncheon vouchers as legal tender in POS settings. You will also see these values in the cash inventory reports when closing the register and you can enter quantities of individual luncheon vouchers in the cash register.