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vyzvednisiVyzvednisi.cz is a free order system for gastronomic establishments and retail sales. It is a simple tool for individuals as well as for companies, where anything for “takeaway” (food and other goods) can be offered and people from their neighborhood can order it and pick it up easily. Just few clicks are needed to register or place orders. The system is functional nationwide and is free of charge (including the application for order processing).

Anybody can use the system, whether or not he/she has the Dotypos cash register. If you have Dotypos, each order will be transferred to the cash register as an open order and then you can close it manually. Or you can set it up so that the order from vyzvednisi.cz will be closed directly in Dotypos and will be marked as paid in cash.

You can use Dotypos Cloud to connect your cash register with vyzvednisi.cz, set up your business hours and select the products in the cash register to be offered via this order system.



This option is available only when is Dotypos Cloud interface switched to the Czech language.


The whole user guide of the order system can be found at https://manual.vyzvednisi.cz.

Do not forget that for the management of orders, to install on your Dotypos device the vyzvednisi.cz application.

The order system can also be used independently without Dotypos. Everything can be set up directly at the website vyzvednisi.cz.


How to integrate the order system with your cash register?

First, go to the vyzvednisi.cz website and create an account and an establishment with description and contact information. The other settings can be done remotely using an easy wizard in Dotypos Cloud. The individual steps are described below.


After creating the order and establishment at vyzvednisi.cz log into the Dotypos Cloud web interface. In the left bookmarks bar select Integration and then Vyzvednisi 01to access to a well-arranged and simple setup wizard. From the menu 02 select the cash register to be paired with vyzvednisi and click on the button Párovat (Pair).




You will be redirected to the vyzvednisi.cz order system, where you select the establishment and allow access. Subsequently, this cash register will be connected to the selected establishment in Dotypos Cloud. Use the button 03 (on the second image below) you can adjust other establishment settings including the items for sale. So click on this button.





Now specify the business hours for picking up and distribution of orders. If you do not offer any of these options, deactivate the switches Vyzvednutí (Pick up) or Rozvoz (Distribution) in the heading. Just remember that the customers can place orders only during the time period specified here. After inserting the business hours, continue by using the button Dále (Next) in the lower part of the screen.




In the next step you can select the products to be offered via the service vyzvednisi.cz. Products can be placed in categories for clarity. You create a category with the button Přidat kategorii (Add category) in the lower part of the page. All products that belong to the category must be placed under it. The created categories are valid only for vyzvednisi.cz and do not correspond with categories of products in the cash register.

Insert products from the cash register into offers via the vyzvednisi.cz button 04. Use the arrows 05 to place the product or category into the right place. After inserting all products continue with the button Dále (Next) in the lower part of the screen.




If you have already created any sales items in the order system, you have to pair them with the existing products in the cash register. So the following dialog will be displayed. On the right side in the section Neznámé produkty (Unknown products) first mark the item from z vyzvednisi.cz, then tap on the menu Vyhledávání produktů (Search for the product) and find the appropriate product in the cash register. Finally pair the products with the button Přiřaď (Assign).




In the last step specify the properties of products and categories. Add descriptions of categories and individual products. The price can also be adjusted. When sold out, the product offered can be hidden on vyzvednisi.cz with the button Viditelné (Visible). Finally save the changes with the button Dokončit (Finish).



The wizard will then be completed and the saved offer confirmed.




You can go through the selected cash register setup wizard again at any time and adjust only some items. Only changed items are synchronized with the order system. If you need to cancel an account or establishment at vyzvednisi.cz, please contact us first.


The saved information in the wizard will be transferred into the order system. Once an order is entered, Dotypos automatically creates a new open order with the ordered products. Alternatively, the behavior of orders in Dotypos can be adjusted so that the order from vyzvednisi.cz is immediately closed and marked as paid in cash. This function can be modified directly in the application settings of vyzvednisi.cz.