Remote connection

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Remote connection

A technical specialist can use a simple application to connect remotely (via Internet) to the touch cash register and perform the needed operations directly. This is usually quite useful because the technician operates the same way as if the cash register were being operating directly.

When troubleshooting, customers do not have to follow instructions as the technician is adjusting everything in the cash register alone. Of course, you can watch the technician working with the cash register. While this is being done, the customer is on the phone with the technician.

In most cases, this is the fastest and easiest way to troubleshoot problems. Communication is encrypted so you need to run the remote help application TeamViewer Quick Support to remotely connect to the cash register. The remote connection to the cash register cannot be reestablished once it is closed.


How do I allow the technician to connect remotely?


Click on Help center in the tile menu on the Dotypos main screen. Choose the option Run TeamViewer.




If TeamViewer QuickSupport is not installed in the cash register, the Google Play Store page will then open. Click on INSTALL to begin installing the application. If the application is already in the device, it will run; see step 4.




Once the application has been installed, use the same Google Play Store button to run it. Click on OPEN in Google Play Store. When TeamViewer QuickSupport is first run you may be asked to install the remote control add-on - go ahead and install it. If the device does not need the add-on, a dialog will appear with information about native support for the remote control. Activate the option 01to avoid displaying this dialog again and then click on CANCEL 02.




In order to have a remote connection possible, type the displayed ID number in the now running TeamViewer QuickSupport for the technician. Keep TeamViewer QuickSupport running and do not close it until the technician has disconnected.