Safeguarding the cash register

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Safeguarding the cash register

Besides defining user privileges for individual applications (Dotypos and Warehouse) you can also safeguard the cash register (tablet) environment.

Define directly on the cash register the applications users will be able to run. These applications will be displayed on the Android system desktop. Access to other applications require a PIN to be entered. You can use a PIN to safeguard the Android system settings, too. These settings apply to all users (employees) working with the cash register.


The PIN is preset as a default at the factory and cannot be changed by the users. To determine your cash register’s PIN, contact technical support.


How do I set up application accessibility for users?


Click on the cogwheel icon at the bottom right corner on the Android desktop with individual application icons.




This opens the application access settings page. Activate the options 02 and 03 set the PIN for applications and also for entry to the Android settings. To set the allowed applications click on the List of displayed applications 01.




In the list, click on the application you want to allow. The marked applications will be accessible for users and displayed on the desktop. A PIN will need to be entered to run other unmarked applications. You do not have to save the settings.



Now a PIN will be required to enter the list of applications. Only applications displayed on the Android desktop will be executable directly. This means applications allowed in the preceding step.




The application necessary for operating the cash register cannot be safeguarded with a PIN. These applications are already implicitly marked in the list.