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zakaznik6Dotypos allows customer accounts to be recorded, where each account can be assigned to a specific customer. This is useful especially when offering your customers a loyalty program where they collect points in their customer accounts.

You can assign each customer account the number of points the customer earns with each purchase. You can also enter a negative number of points, where the customer’s points will be deducted for purchasing a product. An example is a bottle of champagne the customer receives after reaching 1,000 points. This product will have value of -1,000 points and when it is charged 1,000 points will be deducted from the customer’s account. The final point value in the customer’s account will then be 0.



Customer accounts can also be generated or adjusted in Dotypos Cloud, not only in the touch cash register. For more information please see this chapter.


How do I handle customer accounts?


Click on CUSTOMER in the tile menu. The customer accounts overview will then open. To create a new customer click on +NEW CUSTOMER 01. If you want to adjust an existing customer, click at length on the customer in the overview. A short click will select the customer and any products subsequently charged will be assigned to the customer’s account. Existing customers have their bonus account status 04 and created tags in the overview 05. You can search for a customer in the field 02. If you need to delete a customer account, click at length on the selected account and in the account information dialog select DELETE CUSTOMER. Use the button 03 to remove an already assigned customer from the account.




When creating a new customer or adjusting an existing one you can enter this data. At least one of the following items is required: Customer first name, Customer surname or Company name. After entering the business ID, company data may be uploaded fromARES with the button.

Company name

Name of the company to which the customer belongs.

Company ID

ID of the company to which the customer belongs.

Tax identification number (TIN) of the company

TIN of the company to which the customer belongs.


Customer’s first name


Customer’s surname


Customer’s address


Customer’s city

ZIP code

ZIP code of the customer’s residence

Email address

Customer’s email address

Phone number

Customer’s phone

Internal note

Internal note for crew

Printable note

If you assign a customer to the order, the text entered in this field will be printed on the receipt.

Bonus points

If you have bonus points assigned to products, here you can see the current status of the customer’s bonus account. If the customer has at least 1 point, his/her bonus account balance will be printed on the receipt.

Discount group

Here you can select the assigned discount group. You can create Discount groups in the advanced Dotypos settings.


The entered tags will be displayed directly in the customer overview and the crew will see these tags when they select a customer.

Account expiration date

If you enter a date in this field, the customer account will be inactive after this date and cannot be charged.

Bar code

If customers have customer cards with bar codes, insert the bar code from the customer card in this field.




Any customer information entered can be used when creating invoices.


How do I assign a customer to an account or change it?

A customer account can be added in multiple ways.


Prior to opening the account click on CUSTOMER and select the customer from the overview. The button will show the name of the selected customer. Now select the products and charge them as usual. You will see the customer data under charged products. If you need to change an already assigned customer, click on his/her name under the charged products and choose a new customer. Use the button 01 to edit selected customer data.




If you already have an open (parked) order for the selected customer, you will be notified of this. Now you can decide whether to open the original (parked) order for this customer or create a new one:




Another option for customer assignment/change is to click on the screen with the active account on the further operations button 02 and select Assign customer. This either assigns the customer to the actual account or adjusts the already assigned customer. You can also assign the customer to the order later in the history of receipts.




A customer discount can be assigned anytime until the order is closed by clicking on Issue order on the Dotypos main screen. After clicking on Issue order, the order is closed and later it can be sent to the Financial Administration as the ERS requires, which means the price can no longer be changed. As long as you are charging products and do not press Issue order, you can just use the reader to load the customer or assign the customer account manually and the set discount will be applied to the customer’s open account.


How do I remove a customer from an order?

To remove a customer from the account proceed as in earlier cases, but do not select any customer and in the customer overview click on X NO CUSTOMER.