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In LISTS » EMPLOYEES, you can see an overview of all created employee accounts. Every employee can log in before operating the cash register and all cash operations will be connected with the employee’s account. So you will get a summary of your employees and their operations. The employee overview highlights all accounts actually logged into individual cash registers.

Every employee account can be assigned an individual set of privileges, one for the cash register and one for the application Warehouse.

Use the function Batch selection to choose multiple items to be moved to another category, deleted or modified (e.g. the tax rate or other parameters related to the item).



Or you can create employee accounts directly in the touch cash register. In this way the user privileges assigned to individual Dotypos and Warehouse application functions can be assigned to the account as well.

How do I create a new employee account?


In LISTS » EMPLOYEES, click on the blue button +ADD 01. If you have already created any accounts, edit the selected account with 02 and delete it with 03 to delete it.




A page with information about the user account will open. Enter the required information in the individual fields. If you enter a bar code in Bar code field you can log in to the account just by scanning the bar code with the reader. You can protect the user account with a PIN. If you enter it, do not forget to activate the toggle switch. 01.

Clicking on the fields in 02 displays the list of user privileges for cash operations or the Warehouse application, see User privilege assignment below.

Use the 03 switch to deactivate the account temporarily without having to delete it. Do not forget to always save the performed changes by clicking on the Save button.




Assigning user privileges

Clicking on User privileges - cash register or User privileges - warehouse will roll down the list of user privileges for individual operations. Activate the selected item in the list by clicking on it and assigning this privilege to the relevant user. After all privileges have been assigned, click on the first item Select all. Clicking and entering the text in Search filters user privileges by the text entered only (the entered text is case sensitive). For an overview and description of individual user privileges look at this chapter.




User rights cannot be set for the initial administrator account Administrator. This account has full privileges assigned automatically. That is why it is recommended to always protect the administrator account with a PIN.