Applications update

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Applications update

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We recommend always running the latest version of all applications. New versions of Touch Po are usually released every 30 - 40 days. New versions fix common bugs and add new functions. Once a new version is released, it is available on the Dotypos Marketplace.

In most cases the applications update automatically. If the applications are not updated automatically for some reason, you can perform a manual update or follow the instructions below to restore the application Dotypos Marketplace. In most cases a non-functioning automatic update is caused by a poor Internet connection.

Lists of changes (update information) are periodically published in the knowledge base (in the Czech language) or you can subscribe to them via this RSS channel (in the Czech language).



The cash register must have a working Internet connection in order to perform updates properly!


Automatic update

Updates are always released by machine number, so they may not come to your cash register on the same day they are issued. The new released version usually should have been installed in all cash registers within 5-7 days of release. Once your cash register receives information that a new version of the application is available, the dialog below should appear:


Pressing the bottom section button lets you either update immediately or postpone it for 30 minutes. After that time the same dialog appears and you have another opportunity either to install the update or postpone it for another 30 minutes.


The update process is indicated by this overlay icon, which can be moved anywhere on the screen: update


Manual update


Go to the initial Android system screen and click Dotypos Marketplace to run the application.




You will see a list of all applications related to the touch cash register. Once an update is available, you will see the button UPDATE next to the application. Press this button and the application will be updated to the new (updated) version.



What to do when the applications are not updated automatically?

If the cash register applications do not update automatically, follow these instructions to delete the data of the application Dotypos Marketplace in the Android system:


Use a gesture to pull down the upper system bar and tap on the cogwheel icon to access the Android system settings.




Select the item Application to see the list of installed applications.




Select the application Dotypos Marketplace from the list and tap on it.




Double check whether you really are on the card of the application Dotypos Marketplace and then click on the button CLEAR DATA.




Make sure not to delete the data from the application Dotypos, as this step would erase all of the data from the cash register!



Now Dotypos Marketplace will have returned to its factory settings and automatic updates to this application and other Dotypos applications should now be working.