API Dotypos

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API Dotypos

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API v2

Dotypos includes an API interface that can be used to synchronize data between the touch cash register (Dotypos Cloud) and your internal systems.

Information on the current API version can be found at https://docs.api.dotykacka.cz. For testing purposes you can use the demo version of Dotypos Cloud. You can monitor the status of the API interface on the page https://status.dotykacka.cz.



The number of queries via the API interface is limited to 150 per 30 minutes. So for regular data updates we recommend the use of so-called webhooks.


API v1

The first API version is not updated anymore and support for it will be phased out. So we recommend switching to the up-to-date API version by the end date for support (1.9.2021) at the latest.


From 1.3.2021 generating any access tokens for API v1 will be disabled. Current applications that use previously generated tokens will be functional until 1.9.2021, when the first API version will be completely terminated.


Original API v1 sources:

Information about API v1 and playground

Basic manual with practical examples

API tokens management in Dotypos Cloud

PHP library