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Categories allow products to be organized neatly, while streamlining product searches and cash register charging, especially when there are a lot of products. It is recommended to always divide products into categories. Therefore, the first step should be to create categories prior to creating products themselves.

Help function Multiple select allows you to choose multiple items to be moved to another category, deleted or modified (e.g. the tax rate or other parameters).


In Dotypos Cloud, categories can be also batch imported the supplier from the prepared .csv file. This file has the same structure as the file you get when exporting categories from Dotypos Cloud. However, the import and export of items is only supported in Dotypos FULL.


How do I add or delete a category?


In the item Item management » Categories click on the button + Add 01. If you have already added categories (for example by import), edit the category with the button 02 and use the button 03 to delete it. Only the category will be deleted, the products will remain intact. It will be automatically assigned to the system category All (special).

Using the appropriate buttons in the heading, the created categories can be exported 04 or imported back 06. With the button 05 you can adjust in bulk the properties of several categories.




Now you can specify the properties of the new category, e.g. its name, color 01 margin 02 or VAT rate 03. You can further set if you want the category display in the cash registers 04 or if you need all products in the category to be permanently sold (“fiscalized”) by someone else (a proxy). In this case, you first need to toggle the switch 05 and then select from the pop-up menu the subject for sell by proxy.

In the section 04 you can also activate the maximum discount value and enter it into the field below. This will be the maximum discount as a percentage that can by applied to products in this category by the crew. The discount can be also set for a specific employee. Finally, save everything by clicking on the button SAVE 06.

The only required entry in the category is the name. The full specification of all attributes of the category can be found below.



Description of category attributes


Category name to be displayed on cash registers


If you want to mark off the category, choose its color from the pattern.

Category ID

Internal category label (created automatically)


The value of the margin (in crowns or percentages) to be checked or calculated during the product stock in from the selected category.

External ID

Here choose any numeric category label.

EET subject for sale on behalf

Select the subject for sale by proxy. It will be applied to the whole category if you activated Enable sale on behalf.

Enable sale on behalf

Use the switch to activate the possibility to select the EET subject for sale by proxy. When activated, all products in the category will be sold by the chosen proxy.

Default VAT rate

The set VAT rate will be automatically applied to the used products from the given category for instant sale.

Default course

Products in the category can be assigned to the created course. Courses in the cash register can be then simply charged and the information on preparing each course will be sent to the kitchen.


This switch indicates whether the category will be displayed on cash registers or hidden. Hiding a category is useful, such as when categories contain product ingredients.

Disable fiscalization

By shifting the switch, no product in this category will be “fiscalized” (recorded) during the sale. You can also only exclude from the “fiscalization” a specific product.

Maximum discount

After activation, fill this field with the maximum discount value for products in this category that the crew will be able to grant.