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On the page My account you can edit your current billing information. If you have an active license, there you can also find a special discount code for any friends that may be interested in Dotypos. If they redeem the code when purchasing Dotypos, they (and you as well) get several extra free months for your license. You can send the discount code multiple times, so for each redemption you increase the period during which you may use Dotypos for free.


Editing billing information

To adjust the billing information, in the section Billing information click on the button Adjust, enter the new information and save the changes.




Make sure you always have your billing information filled out correctly with a valid email address and phone number. These pieces of information are specified on invoices issued by Dotypos. The correct data are also important for eventual unsettled invoice reminders. The notification of invoices after maturity is sent as an SMS to the email address and phone number specified here. So always specify your mobile number, if possible.


Discount code

On the page My account you can also find a special discount code that may be passed to anyone who is (or may be in the future) interested in Dotypos. If anyone redeems the discount code when purchasing a license at the Dotypos virtual shop, they (and you as well) will get several extra free months for their license. You can use the code multiple times. You earn free months for each code redemption completed by the person to whom you send the code. Discount code is displayed only to customers with active licenses.

Use the button 01 to copy the discount code into your clipboard, where you can then insert it e.g. into an email message or any document. The discount code can also be sent directly to an email address. Just fill in the field Email... 02 with your email address and use the button Odeslat kód (Send code) to send it.




If you have any questions concerning discount codes, please contact your Dotypos business representative.