Sell by proxy

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Sell by proxy

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» This chapter applies to the Czech Republic.«


Dotypos allows an order to be issued by a proxy. If you want a specific order to be recorded with the Financial Authority under a different Tax identification number (VAT) than the one set in the cash register as the default, you can do so with the option SELL BY PROXY. This option has to be first set up in EET settings at Management of EET subjects. Sell by proxy cannot be used for commission sales.

You can allow a one-time sale by proxy in the settlement dialog or you can set it permanently for the selected category or product. If sale by proxy is set permanently, the advanced payment options are not available in the settlement dialog.



youtube-3233This chapter contains the illustrative video.


How can I have someone else issue an order “by proxy”?


Choose whoever will be recording the order with the Financial Authority.




Now the order will be recorded by the applicable Tax Identification Number by proxy.



Permanent sale by proxy of the selected product/category

If you regularly record the specific product or the whole category with the Financial Authority to another subject, you can in Item management set up a permanent sale by proxy for the product or category. Then at payment you will be notified that the document will be issued by proxy.



If you sell some products by proxy (in the Czech language Prodej v pověření) and other products not by proxy, they will be stated on the receipt separately.





youtube-3233 Selling by proxy (in the Czech language):

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