API tokens management

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API tokens management

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You can use API Dotypos to integrate third-party applications. If the applications are to access data in Dotypos Cloud, you have to generate the so-called login token for them. This can be done on this page. Then in Dotypos Cloud you can assign rights to individual data for each token.

As soon as you generate the token with the + Add button,01 you will see the screen with an overview of privileges for the remote control. In the initial settings, every new token has full rights assigned. The generated token can be deleted by the Deactivate button 02 or by clicking on the icon 03 to show its properties.



The token rights cannot be adjusted later, they are defined only when creating it. To change the rights you have to remove the created token and add a new one with the current rights.

The privileges are displayed in groups, the buttons 01 can be used for unfolding or wrapping the groups, and the buttons 02 activate and deactivate all privileges for the created token. You can add a short token description to the note. Save the new token with the button Create 03.