Existing customers

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Existing customers

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Activating an existing customer


Into the displayed dialog, enter the password that you use to log into the Dotypos Cloud account. Remember to check your consent to the Terms and Conditions. Finally, click on LOGIN. Click on the text Don't have Dotypos Cloud account to reset the password. This option is useful if you have forgotten the password.

Enter into the displayed dialog the license code (use only capital letters) and consent to the Business conditions, then click on NEXT to continue.




If you have multiple cash registers and multiple storage sites (clouds) created for them, you will be asked to select the storage for the cash register to store the data. Cash registers belonging to the same storage share their data. Click on an existing cloud to add a cash register to it.




The next step is to choose whether you want to replace an existing cash register or create a new one. The process of cash register replacement can be seen in this chapter. The third option is to create new storage for the cash register being activated. In this case the cash register will have its own storage (cloud) and will not have access to other cash registers in any cloud created earlier.



I want to add a new device (cash register)
When adding a new device, you have to choose the operation mode again and set up the basic parameters for the cash register. From this moment on, all created categories and products are automatically synchronized from the original storage (cloud) to this new device. This option therefore adds another cash register to the already existing storage.

I want to replace a device (cash register)
When replacing a device the original cash register will be deactivated and the data will be transferred from it to the new one. This procedure is useful e.g. when reclaiming a cash register, because you will get a new one. This option deactivates the selected cash register and transfers the data from this cash register to the new one.

I want to create a new cloud
A new stand-alone storage (cloud) will be created for the cash register being activated. The cash registers will therefore be empty, without products or data. Use this option when you need the new cash register to work fully independently.